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Tomato Seeds: Sart Roloise

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Sart Roloise tomato is a newer variety that has quickly gained popularity. It has a very unique and distinct coloration. A member of the anthocyanin family, this tomato proudly boasts its colors on its skin. It is one of the few varieties that is black on the top side and white on the bottom end. There may also be bluish blackish vertical streaks on parts of this beautiful tomato.

Sart Roloise’ is one of the most interesting anthocyanin varieties. Firm and dense flesh, sweet and juicy, with a good touch of acidic. Excellent tomato taste. Indeterminate, regular leaf plants are very strong and healthy, growing up to 2 meters, and are very good producers. Fruits weigh about 200-350g. Midseason, about 75-80 days from transplant to the first harvest. Created by Roland Boulanger in 2012, Sart Eustache, Belgium. He crossed the large white beefsteak ‘White Wonder’ with an anthocyanin cherry tomato ‘Baby Blue’ and received a very impressive and very tasty variety: large white beefsteak-type fruits with dark purple antho shoulders.

Sart Roloise vines are tall and skinny. They produce clusters of 5, or so, tomatoes that are sweet and earthy with lots of juice. They turn dark purple wherever the sun touches them. They are among some of the most beautiful tomatoes that you will ever lay your eyes on!

Limited Stock Available  

Approximate Seed Count- 5 Seeds

Open Pollinated

FLAVOR PROFILE- Well-balanced
FRUIT COLOR- Anthocyanin / White
LEAF TYPE- Regular
MATURITY- Mid-season
PLANT TYPE- Indeterminate
SPECIES- Solanum Lycopersicum
VARIETY- Open Pollinated

Limited Stock Available 

Approximate Seed Count- 5 Seeds


Seed Count

Approximately 5 seeds


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