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UPDATE 9/2/20-                                       

Still Need Heat birds are typically ready in 5-6 weeks. 
Coop Ready birds are 12-16 weeks out from the time you order. 

    We fulfill all orders in the order they are placed and will send you a notification email with pick up or shipping info.


    We have a 10% restocking fee for all orders canceled after 48 hours. 



    We would love to hear from you! 

    Please email-



    Hours of operation- Thursday-Sunday 10am-7pm by appointment only


    We are located in central New Mexico about 15 miles South of Albuquerque. Our farm is also our home so we don't openly advertise our address. This helps us with security and ensures that someone will be here to help if you would like to come by. 

    Having visitors to the farm is one of our favorite parts of what we do. Watching the eyes light up in a kids eyes when they pet a pig for the first time or the excitement when they get to pick out their very own chicken. Unfortunately bringing customers onto the property is cause for concern and can have serious negative side effects.


    The first issue that comes to mind is safety. We do our best to keep the farm well maintained work with the animals daily to prepare a safe and fun environment for anyone that wants to stop by. It does need to be stated though that there are inherent dangers that come with being on a farm and around farm animals. At no point is Hand Me Down Farms and its constituents to be held liable for any damages of any sort. By entering the property you are agreeing to these terms. 


    Bio security-
    We take the health and safety of all of the animals on our farm very seriously. It's imperative that we do all that we can to keep our animals healthy and only offer healthy animals for sale. With chickens being our most popular animals sold there are some things that we would like you to be aware and respectful of. Some diseases are particularly mobile and can be spread easily. Dander, poop, feathers or anything else that has come in contact with the aforementioned can carry multiple viruses. We ask that if you have chickens at home or have visited another farm with chickens that you not wear the same shoes and clothes to our farm. Any carriers should be scrubbed with a 10:1 bleach and water solution before you come. If there have been reports of a recent outbreak of any sort you will be asked to step in a disinfecting foot bath or wear protective booties that you can purchase from us for $1 a pair. 


    What is N.P.I.P?
    The National Poultry Improvement Plan was established in the early 1930's to provide a cooperative industry, state, and federal program through which new diagnostic technology can be effectively applied to the improvement of poultry and poultry products throughout the country. The development of the NPIP was initiated to eliminate Pullorum Disease caused by Salmonella Pullorum which was rampant in poultry and could cause upwards of 80% mortality in baby poultry. The program was later extended and refined to include testing and monitoring for Avian Influenza among others. 

    The N.P.I.P. program is completely voluntary. A farm doesn't need inspection or certification of any sort to sell poultry. It is required, however, that a seller at least be tested and certified Pullorum free to ship birds across state lines. There are ongoing fees associated with being certified and the farm must be thoroughly inspected and up to 300 birds be tested by a state vet every 6 months to a year. 

    We are proud N.P.I.P. participants and work closely with our state vets to have the best facility we can offer. Hand Me Down Farms is not only certified Salmonella Pullorum-Typhoid clean but also Avian Influenza H5 and H7 clean as well. Our N.P.I.P. Certification # is 81-85


    Returning Birds To The Farm-

    One of the services that makes us stand out from other farms is our "No Rooster Guarantee." Any bird that was originally purchased as a female that ends up being a male can be brought back to the farm and traded for a hen of our choosing or a refund on the purchase price. We have no intentions of changing or ending this service but bringing outside birds to the farm is a huge risk. In an effort for full transparency any bird that is brought back to us for any reason after being gone for any length of time will be humanely euthanized. There have been times when we have matched those looking to get rid of a bird with those looking to get a bird without them bringing the animal to the farm. Please understand that we don't by any means enjoy culling but it is a necessary part of running a successful and bio secure farm. They don't go to waist though. We support local birds of prey rehab facilities as well as supplementing our 6 dogs raw food diet. 



    We ship to the entire continental United States. Shipping to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii is being looked at but as of now it's not cost effective and loss rates have been higher than we are comfortable with. 



    With the outbreak of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus type 2 (RHDV-2) we are unable to take rabbits back on the farm for any reason after they leave. We also recommend that anyone purchasing rabbits from anyone place their new rabbit in quarantine for 30 days to keep any rabbits in your family safe. Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus type 2 (RHDV-2) is not transmittable to humans. 

    Here is more info from the NM Livestock Board and NM Game and Fish.