Tomato Seeds: Black Beauty (7202391752859)
Tomato Seeds: Black Beauty (7202391752859)
Tomato Seeds: Black Beauty (7202391752859)
Tomato Seeds: Black Beauty (7202391752859)
Tomato Seeds: Black Krim (6608419815579) (7193993379995) (7202391752859)
Tomato Seeds: Black Beauty (7202391752859)
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Tomato Seeds: Black Beauty (7202391752859)

Tomato Seeds: Black Beauty

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Approximately 10 seeds

Black Beauty’ tomato is a beautiful creation from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms. It was introducted as ‘World’s Darkest Tomato’. Selected from a cross made between ‘Pink Berkeley Tie Dye’ and ‘Indigo Apple’. Impressive, dark, deep blue/black color, meaty and very rich flesh with very high anthocyanin impression on both – fruit and plant. Big (6-10 oz/180-300 g) fruit are round or slightly flattened and ribbed on the shoulders. Very tasty with delicious, well-balanced tomato flavor. They can hang long on the vines, and can also be stored in room-temperature for few weeks after picking. Indeterminate, regular leaf plant, midseason, first ripe fruit can be harvested about 75 days from transplant. World’s Darkest Tomato-- the darkest tomato we know of! This variety is so "blue" that it looks black. A dark, meaty, very rich-fleshed tomato with extreme anthocyanin expression (same antioxidant in blueberries and blackberries). So dark that some tomatoes turn solid blue-black on the skin. Deep red flesh is among the best tasting of all tomatoes. Flavor potential is excellent. If you ever want a tomato that can be used in a million ways, this would be one of them. Black beauty tomato is a pretty tomato that belongs to the anthology family. Averaging about 6 ounces, Black Beauty has mostly black on the top and fades into a pretty reddish purple on the bottom end. What a sight to see! Antho tomatoes on the same plant can vary in color intensity, so watch out for some very interesting variations!!
Black beauty tomato is earthy, sweetish and has a little bit of tang. Its taste is generally richer than some many other antho varieties .

FLAVOR PROFILE- Well-balanced
FRUIT COLOR- Anthocyanin
FRUIT SHAPE- Oblate / Round
FRUIT SIZE- Large / Medium
LEAF TYPE- Regular
MATURITY- Mid-season
PLANT TYPE- Indeterminate
SPECIES- Solanum lycopersicum
VARIETY- Open Pollinated

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