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Sweet Pepper Seeds: Red Marconi

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Marconi Red is a prolific old Italian heirloom prized for its huge, crisp, sweet red 3-lobed fruits. Amazing flavor!

The compact pepper plants reach 2.5 ft. tall and produce incredibly long pods. We're not joking - these pods can stretch to as long as 12" and spread 3" across the shoulders, making it one of the giant Italian-type sweet peppers! This is an excellent choice for your garden, bringing a nice pop of red to the rest of your foliage. Marconi Italian Red peppers ripen from green to red, with their flavor sweetening as they mature.

With its great adaptability and smoky-sweet flavor, the Marconi pepper is a great choice to grow and use in the kitchen. These peppers provide the perfect amount of crunchiness and sweetness that make them ideal for cooking red sauce, pasta, salads, and many cooked dishes.
75 days.


SCOVILLE HU- 0 -1,000  
CULINARY USE- Fresh / Cooked / Drinks
FLAVOR PROFILE- Fruity / Sweet
LEAF TYPE- Regular
SPECIES- Capsicum annuum
MATURITY- 70 - 80 days

Capsicum annuum
Approximate seed count- 10 seeds


Seed Count

Approximately 10 seeds


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