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Pumpkin Seeds : Big Max

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As the name suggests, Big Max pumpkins can grow to massive sizes that surely will wow your family members, neighbors, and maybe even contest judges. They often get up to 75-100 lbs! Not to mention the huge production of seeds for roasting and meat for baking!

For the biggest fruit only allow one pumpkin per plant. If you are looking for larger than normal pumpkins allow 2-3 to grow per plant. It is also best to put them on a platform when they are young to keep them off the ground and rotting.

First developed by an Ontario farmer named William Warnock in the late 1800s. Big Max pumpkins were bred for the sole purpose of growing to massive sizes and winning pumpkin growing contests. 

Warnock’s first record-breaking Big Max pumpkin weighed an incredible 400 pounds! It was grown in 1893 and shocked the world at the time due to its massive size. In fact, this pumpkin was so impressive that Warnock was invited to showcase it at the Paris World Fair. 

110 days to maturity.


Cucurbita maxima
Approximate seed count- 15 seeds
Germination rate- 88% 3/23

Seed Count

Approximately 15 seeds


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