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Tomato Seeds: Patriot Cherry Mix

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An equal parts mix of our most patriotic cherry tomatoes! Blue Berries, White Cherry and Jujubee Grape.

Blue Berries- A HEAVY PRODUCING tomato. Sprawling plants that yield big quantities of 1/2″, dark purple color (dark enough to call it “black”) indicating that it is rich in anthocyanins. When fully ripe these tomatoes turn red where the fruit was shaded; and purple/black where the fruit has received the most sunshine. When fully ripe the fruit is sweet and flavorful. The purple/black clusters are beautiful to look at on the vine or in the bowl. Mid-season-75-80 days. Indeterminate, regular leaf plant. An eye-catching cherry tomato which ripens from amethyst purple to a stunning, almost black, with a brick red bottom. The flavor is intensely fruity, and sugar-sweet! Plants are very productive, yielding all season in elongated clusters that look so beautiful. Stunning cherry with high levels of anthocyanin. Interior ripens to a brick red brown. Outside can be almost black. Big production and great taste from this amazing variety. Sunburn, crack resistant and disease tolerant. Great hang on the vine and shelf life. This is a new, small cherry variety from Brad Gates, Wild Boar Farms. 

White Cherry- a wonderful addition to your garden. Indeterminate, regular leaf plant produces huge amounts of 1 oz., almost translucent, pale yellow to ivory fruits (color will be paler with less sun exposure) with sweet fruity flavors. 

Jujube GrapeHere is a wonderful red grape tomato from our friend, Reinard Kraft, of Germany. Fruit is produced in long clusters, each one being about the size and shape of a jumbo olive. The crisp fruit is delightfully refreshing and is perfect for snacking. 75 days.

Open Pollinated


Approximate seed count- 10 seeds

Seed Count

Approximately 10 seeds


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