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Tomato Seeds: Indigo Apple

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Indigo Apple is an extraordinary tomato. An eye-catcher, to say the least. Related to the now famed OSU Blue Fruit tomato. Indeterminate plants produce beautiful pendant clusters of 3-4 oz., tomatoes deep purple to black colors (caused by high levels of anthocyanin… a naturally occurring antioxidant found in blueberries.) The gradual color changes appearing in the fruit as it ripens are interesting: fruit begins green with purple/black colors starting at the crown and spreading around fruit alongside mahogany and red colors. Tomatoes are fully ripe when soft to the touch. Because of its appearance, good, sweet/tart flavors, and long shelf life, Indigo Apple has proven to be a good market tomato. A good slicer since it is not too juicy. Resists sunscald. Disease tolerant.

Open Pollinated

CULINARY USE- Salad / Slicer
FRUIT COLOR- Anthocyanin
FRUIT SIZE- Medium / Saladette
LEAF TYPE- Regular
MATURITY- Mid-season
PLANT TYPE- Indeterminate
SPECIES- Solanum Lycopersicum
VARIETY- Open Pollinated

Approximate seed count- 10 seeds


Seed Count

Approximately 10 seeds


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