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Sweet Pepper Seeds: Habanada

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The very first heatless habanero! This pepper has all the same great fruity flavor and production as its hot cousin but can be enjoyed by even the biggest sissies. 

Crisp, thin walled, 2-3 in. fruit bred at Cornell University, the Habanada Sweet Pepper is a flavor bomb for eating fresh—seeds and all. Also, excellent when braised or roasted. Chefs and foodies love adding these peppers to desserts and even cocktails! Eat at the green stage when they are quite aromatic or allow to ripen to orange for maximum flavor.

The plants stayed less than 1.5ft. tall and didn't spay out too much. The branches were stout enough to withstand the weight of heavy production. The fruits hold their quality for a long time on the plant. 70 days.

Open Pollinated

SCOVILLE HU- 0 -1,000  
CULINARY USE- Fresh / Cooked / Drinks
FLAVOR PROFILE- Fruity / Sweet
LEAF TYPE- Regular
SPECIES- Capsicum annuum
MATURITY- 60 - 70 days

Approximate seed count- 10 seeds


Seed Count

Approximately 10 seeds


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