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Pepper Seeds: Habanero- Yellow

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The Yellow Habanero originated in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, but it is now commonly grown in the Caribbean and North America as well. It even grows nicely in northern climates, either in summer gardens or in large pots. The chilies mature from green to bright red and grow to about 1 ½" in length and 1" in width. 445,000 Scoville's. One of the hottest versions of the habanero. With the typical citrusy-smoky flavor of orange habaneros and twice the heat, these fireballs are a perfect addition to a pot of soup or chili, and they make killer hot sauce.

The habanero pepper is related to the famous Jamaican Scotch bonnet pepper Organic, seeds originally from Jamaica. also Known as Jamaican Yellow Hot Pepper, Country Pepper. For more mild peppers water liberally and for hotter peppers stress the plants by only watering after they wilt slightly


Approximate seed count- 25 seeds 


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