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Pepper Seeds: Sugar Rush Peach

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This is by far one of our favorite peppers! It is extremely sweet with a nice burn at the end. It really does have a peach flavor! They are about twice as hot as a jalapeno but definitely not overwhelming. The pods are a unique peach color that is somewhat translucent. They can be eaten in their yellow stage but are the sweetest at their peach stage. 

The plants stayed under 2 feet and were extremely productive. We had to tie up each main branch to keep it from breaking under its own production. They would be very happy in 5-gallon pots. 

The Sugar Rush Peach pepper was originally cultivated by Chris Fowler in Wales. He considers the variety to be accident because it was created through natural open pollination and has some amazing characteristics.

For more mild peppers water liberally and for hotter peppers stress the plants by only watering after they wilt slightly  

Open Pollinated

SCOVILLE HU- 50,000 - 100,000 
CULINARY USE- Fresh eating / Sauces
FLAVOR PROFILE- Fruity / Very sweet
FRUIT COLOR- Yellow / Peach
LEAF TYPE- Regular
SPECIES- Capsicum Baccatum
MATURITY- 60 - 80 days

Approximate seed count- 10 seeds

Hot peppers take longer and have a lower germination rate than other peppers. Heat does speed sprouting, but it can still take up to 30 days. We have found that soaking the seeds in hydrogen peroxide for a few hours prior to plants can help with germination rates.  

Please note that these peppers are extremely hot and should be handled with care. We highly recommend that you wear gloves when touching the seeds or fruit.

Seed Count

Approximately 10 seeds


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