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Pea Seeds: Royal Purple Snow

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This is our deepest purple snow pea! These richly colored peas are mostly deep purple with the occasional green pod. They are best harvested while young, they bend and curl, giving each pod a unique look. 

Beautiful 3–3 1/2" snow pea pods. Flavor is pleasant, though they can be mildly bitter. They make a great addition to salads or when used as an edible garnish. For the most intense color use them raw but they can be lightly steamed or sautéed. They do stay purple if lightly cooked, but they can become "muddy" if overcooked. Pods that are overmature, or exposed to high temperatures, may become a mottled purple. The 2 ft, pink-flowered vines produce 2 pods per node. Because they are on the shorter side, they need little to no steaking.

Peas do well when it's cool (think spring & fall).  For the highest yields make sure they have a trellis to climb.  This ensures more of the plant gets sun.  Continually harvest ripe pods to increase the harvest time.  If saving for seed &/or soup, leave the pods on the vines until they dry & the seeds (peas) become hard.


Approximate seed count- 25 seeds


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