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Pea: Burgundy Snap

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This gorgeous purple snap pea is a sister of the famous Royal Purple Snow. It has all of the same great traits as the Royal Purple but is much plumper and has no bitter taste. Looks great combined with its counterpart, Royal Honey, and either Sugar Ann or Sugar Snap. Be sure to remove the string from the pods before cooking. Pods average 2 3/4–3" long with 2 per node on 2' vines. Because of their short stature they typically don't need much support. 65 days.


Pisum sativum
Approximate seed count- 25 seeds

Peas do well when it's cool (think spring & fall).  For the highest yields, make sure they have a trellis to climb.  This ensures more of the plant gets sun.  Continually harvest ripe pods to increase the harvest time.  If saving for seed &/or soup, leave the pods on the vines until they dry & the seeds (peas) become hard.