Muscovy Duck 12+ Hatching Eggs (1112156766251)
Muscovy Duck 12+ Hatching Eggs (1112156766251)
Muscovy Duck 12+ Hatching Eggs (1112156766251)
Muscovy Duck 12+ Hatching Eggs (1112156766251)
Muscovy Duck 12+ Hatching Eggs (1112156766251)
Muscovy Duck 12+ Hatching Eggs (1112156766251)
Muscovy Duck 12+ Hatching Eggs (1112156766251)
Muscovy Duck 12+ Hatching Eggs (1112156766251)

Muscovy Duck 12+ Hatching Eggs

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Muscovy are the only domestic ducks that are not derived from Mallard stock. Originating from the Caribbean, Africa and Honduras where the native culture values them for their meat, Muscovy aren't really ducks, but rather large perching waterfowl. They are very laid back and can be quite social with people. They can not quack but make a hissing sound while they wag their tails like dogs!

Colors in our Muscovy flocks include: 
Wild type

Eggs are collected and shipped at random.

We have found our Muscovies to be great mothers and very good foragers. Typically laying around 180-200 Jumbo sized eggs per year. Males typically weigh 15+ lb while the hens are 5-8 lbs. Some people consider them ugly because of the large red warty caruncles above the beak and around the eyes. However, they are very personable and interesting birds, and quite intelligent. Trust me they'll grow on you. 

We allow our hens to go broody and take care of their own young. The number of ducklings available can be unpredictable. We also can't tell sex until 8-10 weeks.



We have a 6 to 1 hen to drake ratio in our flock and check for fertilization (crack a random egg open) weekly.

We ship Monday-Wednesday unless otherwise requested.

Eggs are WELL PACKED- Each egg is wrapped in bubble wrap then put loosely into a box packed with either fine pine shavings or shredded paper in 2 layers. Box is marked with 2 “fragile” stickers and 2 “liquid- handle with care” stickers. 

These photos show how we ship the eggs and by purchasing you agree that our packaging is adequate. 


It is solely your responsibility to know your states import laws and requirements. If the shipment is seized because they aren’t allowed in your state we are in no way responsible. 

DO NOT BUY if you live in a climate where these eggs can freeze in transit from NM or if left at your door.

Eggs are NOT cleaned as that takes away from the outer protection. Dirt and other nest properties are gently brushed off as best as can be without removing the bloom.

PLEASE let eggs sit after you receive them before putting them in the incubator or under a hen with the air cells upward.

Our hens hatch rate has been 90-100% and the shipped hatch rate has been as high as 80% but everyone's results will be different. Please understand it is possible that NONE of the eggs may hatch due to a wide variety of factors. It’s also possible that all may hatch. 

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for non viable eggs, air cell slippage, and eggs lost by the postal system.

It is impossible to check fertilization by candeling. The only way to know if they are indeed fertilized or not is to break them open upon arrival EVEN AFTER ONE DAY OF INCUBATION. Once an egg has been incubated (hen or incubator) more than a day you can no longer break that egg open to check fertility and the longer incubated the more likely the disk will be degraded/obliterated by the incubation process. Shipping / transporting eggs can destroy a fertilized egg’s ability to start or if they start they can be damaged enough that they quit and die. Shipped eggs are vibrated beyond belief, tossed, rolled, dropped 4-6’ into a hamper, had other boxes land on top, and were exposed to heat and cold. All of that can kill or damage the eggs internally. Hatch rate is not the same as fertility/viability. Hatch rate is the % of eggs that started to develop that hatch. This rate can be affected by shipping damage too but hatch rate can be determined by your incubator or hen in many cases. If you want guaranteed babies, buy ducklings. If you want to hatch eggs with best odds of success, get eggs locally and handle them as if they were nitroglycerin in transport.

Most of our customers have had great success hatching our eggs and get some really great colors. We understand that it may seem that the odds are stacked against you but people buy hatching eggs because of the affordability, availability and experience.