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Melon: Golden Beauty Casaba

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Enjoy this lovely golden melon well into the winter, as it can be stored for months. The tough rinds mature into a golden yellow with sweet white flesh. They measure 6" around and weigh about six pounds each.

Golden Beauty Casaba melons were developed in the 1920s and soon gained the reputation of being the greatest of Casabas. Melon seeds, in general, have been grown in the US since 1850. Horticultural expert U. P. Hendrick, in his book Cucurbits of New York, states that casaba melons probably come from Asia Minor near Kassabeh, in Turkey. This heirloom melon, also known as the "Casaba Fruit," has a rind that matures gold. Golden Beauty Casaba is very heat tolerant. 100 days.


Cucumis melo
Approximate seed count- 40 seeds

Seed Count

Approximately 45 seeds