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Chicken Butcher Class - Hand Me Down Farms
Chicken Butcher Class - Hand Me Down Farms
Chicken Butcher Class - Hand Me Down Farms
Chicken Butcher Class - Hand Me Down Farms

Chicken Butcher Class

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We have had several requests from those that want to learn how to process their own chicken. Finally here it is! 

Classes will be restricted to 5-6 people so we can have as much one on one time as possible. 

The class will start off watching a demonstration of how we process our chickens on the farm.

Finally each student will process their own bird. We with help culling/killing the bird and encourage our students to take as much time as needed to ask questions and build confidence. If more birds are needed for more practice they will be available.

We expect students to have some apprehension and nervousness when the time comes to "do the deed." These feeling are completely normal and trust me everyone else in the class feel the same way. We are here to help every step of the way. Our ultimate goal is to help you to be confident and successful. 

We will then move on to scalding, plucking and eviscerating the bird. Students will move through each station. We will show you different uses for parts of the birds some may consider waste. We have learned some unique tips and tricks along the way. 

At the end of the day, each individual will go home with the knowledge needed to kill and process their own meat chickens. And don’t forget… All students will take their own chicken home with them for dinner!

Note: Booking a spot holds your place, and your chicken. Pre booked spots are non refundable, because the chicken is now legally yours, and I can not re-sell it!

Length of class: 4-6 hours

Cost: $75 per individual. 

We expect our next class to be early spring of 2019. If you purchase a ticket you will have the option to pick from several dates that may work for everyone. Available dates will be offered several weeks in advance.