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Lettuce: Green Ice

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Green Ice Leaf lettuce is medium to large in size, growing in an elongated shape, and is narrow and small at the base fanning out to a broad, curly, loose top. The leaves connect to a central stalk, branch out in all directions, and are tender, smooth, and broad with many curls and frills. The edges of the leaves are dark to bright green, and as they transition into the juicy stalk, the color changes to pale green or white. Green leaf lettuce is crisp and has a sweet or bitter smell when the stalk is scratched, depending on the specific variety. The leaves also have a mildly sweet or semi-bitter flavor, and the bitterness often occurs in maturing greens versus young greens. 45 days.


Lactuca sativa
Approximate seed count- 300 seeds

Seed Count

Approximately 300 seeds