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Cucumber Seeds: West Indian Burr Gherkin

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A rare and unique cucumber relative originating in West Africa and brought to Jamaica via the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 1500s. It is still a very popular vegetable in Jamaica. The 1-2″ long, light green fruit is covered with soft spine-like bumps giving it its unique look. Best eaten when small and young, before filling up with seeds. Our dogs also seem to love them and have been caught stealing them when we aren't looking. With a mild, slightly tangy flavor and a pleasing crunch, burr gherkins are fantastic pickled, cooked in stews and stir fry, and also raw in drinks.

Even though the fruit is small, plants are unbelievably productive, out-producing every other cucumber we have grown. More resistant to disease and insects than cucumbers and melons. Grow similarly to cucumbers, however, the vines can grow up to 8′ and love to climb up trellises. West Indian Burr Gherkins are sometimes also called Jamaican Burr Gherkins. 65 days.


Approximate seed count- 45 seeds

Cucumis anguria

Seed Count

Approximately 45 seeds


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