Cucumber: Armenian (4729458491524)
Cucumber: Armenian Seedling (4729458491524)
Cucumber: Armenian Plant (4729458491524)
Cucumber: Armenian (4729458491524)

Cucumber: Armenian Plant

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The Pale Armenian cucumber is a crisp, mild flavored cucumber that grows long light green skinned fruits! This cucumber variety produces mild-tasting and deeply ribbed cucumbers. The elongated cucumbers yield uniform, easily digestible and fluted slices. The Pale Armenian is best grown on a trellis to produce straight and long cucumbers and can reach 24 inches long, but are best harvested at about 18 inches.

This is for 1 seedling that will be 2 inches or taller

Original Seed Source: Wild Boar Farms, Baker Creek Seeds and Main Street Seed & Supply.
Credit: Wild Boar Farms, Main Street Seed & Supply, World Tomato Society, Reimer seeds, Baker Creek Seed, Vertiloom,, tradewindsfruit,, Eden Brothers.

*** We grow our plants right out in the New Mexico weather and in full sun. We recommend allowing a day or two for your new babies get acclimated to your climate. At that point, your plant should recover from any stress due to shipping as well, and is ready to plant in the ground or a container. ***

This is for 1 seedling that will be 2 inches or taller.