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Corn: Golden Bantam Sweet

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Kernels are rich and golden in color and bring back the old-fashioned sweet corn taste that has nearly been lost with all of the new hybrids around these days. Before the twentieth century, almost all of the cultivated varieties of corn in the USA were white. In 1902 W. Atlee Burpee Co. introduced the yellow Golden Bantam. It quickly dominated the market and became very popular, changing the color preference of the entire country within a decade. This seed may be saved after harvest for planting in subsequent years. This hardy variety can tolerate dry, hot temperatures and has 5-to-6-inch ears of good quality for open-pollinated sweet corn. Equally suited for freezing and fresh eating. 80-85 days.


Zea Mays
Approximate seed count- 50 seeds
Germination Rate- 90% 10/22

Seed Count

Approximately 50 seeds