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Corn: Carousel

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Carousel is a popular ornamental variety featuring stunning red, gold, blue, brown, and white kernels. Ears are 4 to 5 inches long and vividly multicolored. About 10% of the stalks will show a purple/red streaking. The bright color of the kernels indicates a high nutrient content, making it an excellent corn for decoration or eating! We have heard that the kernels are tender and delicious when popped, but we have never personally tried it. Makes a sweet, tasty cornmeal. 2-3 ears per plant. This is one of our favorite 3 Sisters companion planting corns. We try to match up to 90 to 100-day squash or pumpkin. No homestead should be without some Indian corn--it's part of our homesteading heritage! 100-110 days. 


Zea Mays
Approximate seed count- 50 seeds

Seed Count

Approximately 50 seeds