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Cauliflower Seeds: Clementine

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Clementine cauliflower brings a whole new level of eye-popping color to your cauliflower mix. Compared to Flamestar, uniformity and field holding are similar, but Clementine will weigh slightly less. Its attractive color is NOT water soluble or sensitive to heat when cooked. Roasting enhances the flavor of cheddar cauliflower. Vigorous plants are medium sized making it easy to keep the heads covered. Plants tolerate adverse conditions, including heat. In warm growing areas, plant in late summer for fall harvest. 70-75 days.

F-1 Hybrid

Approximate seed count- 10 seeds
Germination Rate- 90%
Brassica Oleracea Var. Botrytis

Please note that this is an F-1 Hybrid. Saving seed from this may not product the same traits as the parent plant. You can read more information about hybrids, heirlooms and open pollinated varieties here - 

Heirloom VS. Open Pollinated VS. F-1 Hybrid VS. GMO

Seed Count

Approximately 10 seeds


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