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Bean-Lima Seeds: Jackson Wonder

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Jackson Wonder lives up to its name with uncommon flavor and color, plus it can be grown farther north than most Limas. Jackson Wonder’ was developed by Thomas Jackson of Atlanta and introduced commercially in 1888 by David Landreth & Sons of Philadelphia. The bean is aptly named because it’s both a dwarf bush, growing about 12 to 18 inches tall, and one of the most prolific producers of beans all summer long. Jackson developed the lima for market gardeners who wanted to avoid the fuss of growing Limas on poles. (Some traditional varieties require poles as tall as 16 feet.) Harvesting beans at that height is more than just time-consuming — it also requires the use of a ladder, so Jackson’s creation was greeted with enthusiasm. These lima beans’ most unique characteristic, however, may be their color: not your typical lima-bean green. They’re a brilliant scarlet with maroon speckles. They’re so attractive, in fact, that some Victorian hobbyists even made jewelry with them.


 Approximate seed count- 20 seeds


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