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72 Hour Heat Pack

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Heat Packs are especially great for keeping a warm environment inside of a box when shipping poultry. These pack last 72 hours and automatically heats up when exposed to air. No shaking necessary. Packs measure 6" X 4". Heat packs will be activated just prior to shipping. 1 heat pack is good for up to 15 chicks. Heat packs are typically not needed until the winter months.

Live Poultry-
We specialize in shipping juvenile and adult birds, shipping well over 5,000 birds a year. Shipments are sent out either Tuesday or Wednesday. We do not ship day old poultry. We have found that many of the breeds we offer do best if they are shipped at a couple weeks old.

Shipping Minimums

  • Need Heat = 5+ Birds
  • Don't Need Heat = 3+ Birds
  • Quail, Turkeys, Ducks and Meat Birds = Please Contact Us 

It may take anywhere from hours to months to fulfill BIRD orders so please contact us if you have time constraints. Please understand that we are working with live animals and things don't always go according to plan. If we spot an issue we will contact you immediately.

Our email is HandMeDownFarms@gmail.com

Animal supplies have a shipping time of 3-5 weeks.

USA shipping only.