Guarantees and Warranties


7 DAY HEALTH WARRANTY (excludes shipped birds)
All animals purchased at Hand Me Down Farms (Hand Me Down) are raised under the best possible circumstances and come with a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. Hand Me Down makes a significant investment in the housing of our animals and strives daily to provide them with the best possible care. However, these are live animals and things happen that may be out of our control. Hand Me Down will gladly replace the animal or refund the purchase price of any animal that dies within 7 days of purchase. Please keep your sales receipt and a photo of the dead animal. Hand Me Down must be notified within 24 hours of the animal’s death. We want to make it clear that we are here to help. We have spent years learning and researching good animal husbandry and would be more than happy to give you any advice we can offer. We are not veterinarians and make no claims to be.

NO ROOSTER GUARANTEE (excludes shipped birds)

If you purchase a female chick, pullet or chicken that was sold already sexed and it turned out to be a rooster we will take the rooster back and replace it with a female of our choosing. Our hatcheries guarantee us 90% accuracy when they sex the baby chicks. We are happy to replace your rooster but please understand that sexing chicks is an art and mistakes happen. (Does not apply to any bird sold as unsexed)


We guarantee that you will receive full count of live, healthy poultry. We often place extra chicks in each box to help fulfill this guarantee. However, if losses should occur in shipment and you do receive less live birds than you ordered, we will make an adjustment either by replacing poultry (one time only also we are not able to ship just a few chicks for replacement), process a refund of the per bird price not including shipping and handling or a credit toward another order. You must use a heat source that can maintain a temperature of at least 100 degrees for the first 48 hours. We also do not recommend using puppy pads.

Please open bird boxes immediately and inspect poultry.
Any losses must be reported to the hatchery within 3 days with a photo of the losses for any adjustment to be made. At NO time will Hand Me Down Farms accept returns of deceased poultry.