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Chick Rehab Mix - Hand Me Down Farms
Chick Rehab Mix - Hand Me Down Farms

Chick Rehab Mix

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This is what we use when we first get chicks in from our hatcheries. After raising 5,000+ chicks we have honed in on what works best to get them off and running.

Our blend has all you need for quick hydration, healthy gut bacteria and encourages continuous drinking. This powder should be mixed into warm water and one bag is 2 servings of the standard quart chick waters. One bag will treat up to 50 chicks for 2 days but there is no need to dump out the mixture if you have less than 50. Just allow the birds to finish the Rehab Mix in total. We add this to the only source of water for the first 48 hours after shipment. We also recommend that you dip the birds beak in the water as you unload them from the box.